Investigational drugs mentioned are for use in clinical studies only, and may be studied alone or in combination with drugs for indications that have not been approved by the FDA. Approved drugs mentioned are also being studied for uses for which they are not approved. Safety and efficacy have not been established for any of these drugs for the uses being studied.

AbbVie in no way intends to recommend or imply that these drugs should be used for unapproved uses.

Ab=Antibody. ADC= Antibody-Drug Conjugate. GRM=Glucocorticoid Receptor Modulator. mAb=Monoclonal Antibody. sCAR T=Switchable Chimeric Antigen Reception T-Cell

For a complete list of oncology pipeline molecules see Abbvie.com

ABBV-CLS-579/484 co-developed by Calico and Abbvie; CLBR001/SWI019 developed by Calibr in a first-in-patient trial and AbbVie hold option for additional developement; Epcoritamab developed in partnership with Genmab: Teliso-V licenses from Seagan and Pierre Fabre; TTX-030 developed by Trishula Trerapeutics through Phase 1b and AbbVie has option to lead global developement; Venetoclax jointly developed with Roche